Free Mediation Consultations

We offer free Mediation Consultations to couples interested in Divorce Mediation.  Consultations last 30-45 minutes and allow clients to meet Kim & Marla, ask questions, and discuss the Mediation process and fees.   We offer consultations  at both the Carmel & Greenwood Offices.  Call or email to make an appointmen

Divorce Mediations

Kim & Marla complete divorces from beginning to end through Mediation.  You do not have to go to court with our process, and you may, but are not required to have attorneys.  The result of your Mediation is legal and binding just as if you went to court.   The difference is that you make the decisions instead of the judge.  Mediation is far less expensive and takes less time than divorce in court.

Become a Registered Mediator

If you are interested in becoming a Registered Mediator, we offer two classes each year.   This 40-hour intensive class will enable you to become an Indiana Supreme Court Registered Mediator.  The class is open to Attorneys, Therapists and other Professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree and will be taught in Carmel & Muncie, Indiana in 2019.  Click on the ‘Trainings’ tab to sign up!

Training into Practice (TIP) Class focused on Writing/Marketing

This class is designed for those who have completed the 40 Hour Domestic Relations Mediation Training with Kim & Marla.  Participants will learn marketing tools to help your mediation practice thrive and will create their own client contracts, intake forms, notes, divorce agreements for the court and more!  

Domestic Violence Training

A 4-hour Domestic Violence Training will be offered twice in 2019. This class is designed for Mediators interested in learning more about how domestic violence affects mediation and how to handle those issues if they arise. 

Mediation Presentations

Kim & Marla enjoy presenting about Mediation at conferences, lunch & learns, staff meetings and for various organizations. If you are interested in having Kim & Marla present mediation to a group you know feel free to email them.